Bing rewards was launched in India recently, for more info please checkout my recent post on how to earn from Bing Rewards India.

Automation Script -
Bing Rewards requires one to perform unique searches on bing to get the credits which can be redeemed later for Freecharge Credits.

Let's cut to the chase, this searching part can be automated in a click of a button.

Steps -
  • Set chrome as your default browser.
  • Login into Bing and don't foget to select " Remember Me " option.
  • Open a new text document ( Right Click > New > Text Document )
  • Copy paste the following code into the text document.

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


WScript.Sleep 5000

WshShell.SendKeys "^w"


  • After copying the above code just save it as " bing.vbs " and select " All files " in Save As Type box below the File Name box ( File > Save as > bing.vbs , All Files )

( vbs is the acronym of Visial Basic Script )

  • Now just double click on the file and relax now the script will automatically open chrome and search random words on bing and closes it (This process will go on for 10 times) you don't have to move a mouse and finally check your Credits and enjoy.
Note - Just double click on the " bing.vbs " file daily and let it do the job for you.

> Voila there you go, enjoy your Bing Rewards <

> Made Simple <

Bing Rewards is a program by Microsoft Bing which provides freebies for the users who use their search engine. Bing Rewards program was launched in India on 19/03/16 to cover some Indian traffic.

This freebie strategy is used my many leading companies to lure users into their products or services

Bing Rewards India - 

Bing Rewards programme is focused on taking some Indian traffic from google by rewarding Bing users with freecharge wallet money. You accumulate Bing points for every search you make using Bing and you can later redeem it for variety of benefits. Freecharge freefund code is just the beginning we can expect more rewards from Bing soon.

Rewards - 

  • Earn 1 credit for each unique Bing search.
  • For now Bing has partnered with Freecharge and provides Freecharge balance as reward which can be used to recharge on Freecharge.in
  • After accumulating enough points you can redeem them for Freecharge wallet moeny(Freefund code).
Exclusive - Register for Bing Rewards Now and get 10 Bonus credits.

Steps To Avail Bing Rewards - 
  • Visit Bing Rewards Dashboard - Click Here
  • Login with your Microsoft Account or if you don't have one just create one.
  • Note - While registering for new account select Region as " INDIA " as Freecharge wallet credits are only for people from INDIA.
  • After the above steps visit Bing Rewards Dashboard - Click Here
  • You can see 10 Bonus Credits in your account.
  • Now just search on Bing, for every unique search you'll get 1 credit.
  • Search 10 times a day and get 10 Credits, you can earn only 10 Credits a day.
  • Note - Use unique search term for every search on Bing.

  • Notice your credits increase on every Bing search you perform.
  • After gaining enough Credits you can redeem them for Freecharge credits, use these to recharge on Freecharge.

> Voila, there you go. Enjoy Bing Rewards & Free Freecharge wallet balance<
> Made Simple <

Take Care - Emergency Contacts


Hola Amigos,
It has been a long time since i've posted something useful. Today i'm very happy to review an android application " Take Care - Emergency Contacts " developed by my buddy Arun CVF with the motto of saving lives.
A Simple Tweak Can Save Lives
Consider a situation, you've met with some kind of accident and what if someone tries to inform your family but they couldn't do so because you've setup a lock which has to be opened before accessing contacts.

Lets consider a situation where you dropped your phone somewhere or lost your phone, someone picked up your phone and wanted to return the phone back to you but they could not do so since you've set up a lock which has to be opened before making a call.

Nowadays everyone has a lock setup on their phones which can be a hurdle in emergency situations. Our Application Take Care - Emergency Contacts knows no hurdle.

In such situations Take Care - Emergency Contacts comes into action, this application lets you to set four important contacts as Emergency Contacts that will be displayed on your lock screen all the time so that in case of emergency someone can use the emergency contact displayed on your lock screen to call your loved ones and inform them about your situation.

Let it be any emergency situation, Take Care is here to save lives.

Lets put a smile on your loved ones face, shall we?

> Steps To Save Lives :

Life is short. Do stuff that matters. 

> Notable Features - 

  • Choose up to 4 Emergency Contacts that can be displayed on your lock screen.
  • Ability to move the emergency contact widget to a comfortable position on your lock screen. 
  • Switch between the 4 contacts using arrow button on the right side of the widget.
  • Use the toggle button on the main page to Switch ON or OFF the widget.
  • Supports latest Android Marshmallow.
> Voila there you go, you've saved some lives <
> Made Simple <

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Note - shopprSense is the new service that we launched on Oct/2015. 

shopprSense is purely dedicated to serve its users by providing access to surplus offers, deals & discounts to ensure a hassle free online shopping experince while saving cash.

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Hi there , smartphone geeks

Did you know that Android apps can help you manage your downloads like a Pro?

Downloading files from the internet has become a serious hobby for us and people are having trouble managing their downloads on their Android smartphone .With some of us consuming entire data overnight by downloading files . 

"If you know what i mean "
With WiFi connectivity the number of users downloading files over their Android Smartphones is skyrocketing . Managing downloads is a serious task and Android's default download manager fails to fulfil its purpose .

ADM is here for the rescue. Advanced Download Manager is the best download manager for Android out there . Developed by DimonVideo and ADM has reached 50,000,000 installs and still counting . ADM is a boon for all those download freaks like myself.

What's So Special About ADM ?

> Capture download links from browsers automatically.

> Multi-Threaded downloads to obtain maximum speeds.

> Multiple Downloads simultaneously.

> Inbuilt Browser to capture some obsolete download links.

> Manage your download speeds.

> Resume your downloads even after 24 hours.

> Plan your downloads with Smart-Download feature.

> One Click to add a new download link.


> No such things i found with ADM.

So, why are you waiting download IDM for your Android and manage your downloads like a PRO - PlayStore Link

Additional Details (IGNORE THIS)

Tools used in creation of this post :

> AirDroid (Know More About Airdroid)

> Caesium (Image Compressor)

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> Voila There You Go , Now Download Files Like A Pro <
> Made Simple <

If you are reading this then you've got an Android Smartphone/Tablet and probably trying to figure out a way to transfer files back and forth your PC and Android or you wanna access the files on your android through PC , right ?

Now let's get started with AirDroid , yeah that's the one .

AirDroid ,
Airdroid was developed by Sand Studio , it's here to solve all your problems and make your data transfer work a piece of cake .
Yep , AirDroid is an application to transfer files between your PC and Android without any data cables or without data usage.

The HotSpot Trick,
AirDroid extensively uses WiFi to establish a bridge between your PC and Android and then you can start transferring your files back and forth.
Note - AirDroid uses your WiFi connection not your mobile data .

Requirements :

> WiFi connection
> Android Smartphone/Tablet

Let's get connected ,

  • Connect your Android to the WiFi with which your PC is connected.
  • Secondly make sure you have airdroid application installed on your android , or download it from the PlayStore .
  • Open AirDroid and register or skip that part , then note the web address , looks like this - " ".

  • Enter the address in your PC's browser and hit enter 
  • Now a notification will popup on your Android , Accept the connection .

  • Yeah , that's it now your Android is connected with your PC.

Transfer Files From PC To Android :
  • Now that the connection is established you can transfer files from your PC to android by dragging the files into the box.

  • Simply drop the files into the box and it will be copied to your Android.
  • The files will be stored in a default location " AirDroid " folder in your Android .

Transfer Files From Android To PC :
  • After the connection is established you can access the files on your Android by using the icons , click on file browser icon and you can browse the files on your Android.

  • The best part is that you can also browse your SD card files .
  • To copy files from your Android simply select the files and hit download button on the top of file browser and your files will be downloaded in zip file format.You can then extract the files.

Note - Transfer speeds depends upon your WiFi connection module.

Additional Features :
Mirror your Android screen on your PC ( Only For Rooted Devices )
You can use your Android's camera as WebCam.
Copy or Write to your Android's ClipBoard .
> Install APK's directly by drag and drop featureAccess to calls and texts . 
Attend the call and reply to message from your PC. Check out AirDroid Desktop here.

Pros :
  • Supports Windows / MAC.
  • Transfer files locally between PC and Android using WiFi without data usage( No carrier charges ).
  • You can also transfer files to a remote PC or Android through internet connection.
  • There is no file size limit or restrictions , you can transfer any type of file .
  • Unlimited file transfer speeds , depends on your WiFi router module.
  • Android WebCam / Access to Android ClipBoard

Cons :
  • No option to select storage location while copying files from PC to Android.
  • Android mirror  feature requires ROOT permissions.
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> Voila there you go <
> Made Simple <

Hey there nerdy folks , 
I've got some good news this is our first post since we moved to our official domain , the one that is displayed in your address bar " www.nerdysense.com " Cool Right ?

" Please do put your comments below about our new name & domain "
Now let's get into our work ,

With increase in social media consumption day by day and our life being dependant on the internet we should be worried about those cunning hackers who live amongst us .

Almost all our online activities revolve around a mail account , So if your mail account is compromised then all your personal / work data can be exploited.
Hackers target mail accounts the most studies says .

Are you afraid of your personal Gmail / Facebook / Twitter / Dropbox / Yahoo / EverNote accounts bring hacked or compromised ?

Are you using the above services to store/share some important or personal details ?

Let me introduce you " LogDog " , the protection app developed by LogDog Information Security Ltd.

LogDog protexts your Gmail / Facebook / Twitter / Dropbox / Yahoo / Evernote accounts by monitoring them regularly for suspicious signs such as Login from new location , Login from new browser , Failed login try and more .

LogDog requires you to login once into your Gmail / Facebook / Twitter / Dropbox / Yahoo / Evernote and from there there LogDog starts its work.
If it spots something suspicious it alerts you thorough both  LogDog Application and through mail .
Still now i've recieved three alerts ,

1. Dropbox ( This one was the result of my testing , I tried logging in after changing my location through VPN )

2. Gmail ( This one was also my testing , I tried logging in from my friend's pc and entered wrong password twice and it warned me of suspicious activity )

3. Facebook ( This time it's not me someone really tried to gain access to my account ) LogDog asked me to change my password as a safety measure .
LogDog actually impressed me with its instant alerts .

Pros -
> LogDog currently supports 
* Facebook
* Gmail
* Twitter
* Yahoo

>Instant alerts with links to take actions , you don't need to wait till the hackers steals all the info and leaves.

> LogDog promises us that more features are coming soon .

Cons -
> You can only link one Facebook account , one Gmail account so on .

> For those folks who have multiple Gmail accounts like me , we have wait for LogDog to cover multiple accounts . Maybe not.

Protect Yourself -
Okay now its your turn to protect your accounts from those cunning hackers who are waiting for a tiny little vulnerability to get access to all your data .

Step 1 - Stop them by installing LogDog for android from here .

Step 2 - Then register an account and login into the accounts which u wanna protect .

Step 3 - Sit back and relax , LogDog does the remaining work and alerts you if needed.

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> Voila There You Go , Your Accounts Are Now Protected <

> Made Simple <

Hey wassup folks , cybergeek is back in business with a trick that will help you to get multiple email id's with a single gmail account . Cool isn't it ? 

Gmail has been the providing us mail service from 2004 and not many tricks are available for gmail since all their products are almost fool proof , i said almost.

Let's get started, 
Most of you would have a gmail account already or maybe not. If you don't just create one, it would only take minutes.Gmail id's can be a combination of alphabets and numerals, special characters like !@#$%^&*()_+/ are not allowed.

A Sample Gmail id - cybergeekin99@gmail.com.

The first portion is the MailBox name and the next one is the domain name, in our case its Gmail.
The MailBox name points to your MailBox hosted on the Domain Server.

Now here's the trick ,
> Suppose your mail id is - cybergeekin@gmail.com add a dot ( . ) anywhere in between the MailBox name.

> You can also use multiple dots , just make sure that you don't use any consecutive dots.

Like This  -


All these mail id's point to cybergeekin99@gmail.com. 

Now try modifying your own mail id and send a mail to your dot trick mail id from any other account and you'll recieve the mail in your original account.

Advanages Of Gmail Dot Trick-

> Use your dot trick mail id to register with various websites.

> This will solve your need for multiple mail id's.

> "n" number of combinations.

> Unlimited Possibilities.

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> Voila The You Go, Enjoy The New Gmail Dot Trick <

> Made Simple <